Company: Next Professionals Services Limited
Deadline: November 25, 2020

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Our goal at NPN is to eliminate the huge gap between Industry and Academia and to improve the effectiveness of education in Nigeria and sub-Saharan African region by leveraging on technology. Our strategy in realizing our goal is by first, ensuring that Students finishing secondary school intending to pursue tertiary education get on the right programme and the right type of school, through improved well researched career guidance and counselling services that is adapted to the needs of the Nigeria and global societal needs and enabled by technology. Thereafter while in Tertiary School, we complement the training they receive by providing them with support and opportunities to identify and acquire industry required skills for their specific professions, and to apply these skills and knowledge in solving real industrial/societal problems before graduation by working in teams, across Schools, Disciplines and even Countries. 

Our platform is structured in a manner to provide Students/Lecturers/Industry Experts in Nigeria and any part of the world who are interested in working in a Project/Research, the opportunity to obtain all the support they need in doing this. Support in this category which we enable using our platform include, support in finding suitable Team members (perhaps from other disciplines in the case of a multi-disciplinary project), Academic Supervisor(s), Industrial Supervisor(s), Students (i.e. in the case of a Project/Research generated by an Industry Expert/Lecturer), financial sponsors and sundry support, which in this case the User have to specify.

Job Description

We are currently searching for qn Intern who would support us in carrying our digital marketing function. Typically the role of the Intern would be:

1. Carry out research on different topics which will be provided to you, and update the content of the platform with outcome of the Research

2. Develop content based on the outcome of the research which will be shared on the blog section of the platform

3. Manage all social medial platforms of the company on daily basis

4. Respond to customers request for information on company's product


1. The ideal candidate is expected to be currently enrolled or fresh graduate (0- 2yrs) from any tertiary institution of learning

2. Must possess some experience with Digital marketing, particulary with content writing.

3. Considering that the Intern is expected to work remotely, the Intern is expected to have access to Computer and internet services. 

4. Must be able to work without supervision

5. Knowledge on the use of wordpress would be very much appreciated

Eligible Applicants:

Tertiary Students, Counsellors in Secondary School, Counsellors in Tertiary School, Secondary School Administrators, Tertiary School Administrators

Eligible Countries:


Duration of Internship:

Temporal (6 Months)

Application Deadline:

November 25, 2020

Maximum Number of Applications:


Mode of Accessing Shortlisted Candidates:

Interview via Video Conference Apps (Zoom or Skype)

Mode of Application:

Easy Application via NPN