Waiters and waitresses, also known as Servers, take orders in dining establishments (such as Restaurants, Hotels, etc.) and serve food and beverages to Customers. The particular duties they do will depend on the type of restaurant. For example, some servers may also greet and seat customers, set tables, prepare drinks and remove dirty dishes and glasses. Work can be stressful and hectic during the busier serving hours where there are many Customers to attend to. Patience might be required when dealing with demanding or rude customers. Very big restaurants may prefer waiters and waitresses who have a high school diploma and experience in the field, but there are no formal education requirements to become a server.

Job Prospect

Very high

Work Environment

This Professional work in Hotels, Restaurants, Lounge and Cafe. The Profession may be stressful depending on the type of Restaurant/Hotel and how busy it is. It may require long hours of standing and patience with rude Customers. It is a nice Profession for people who enjoy meeting with people and are very patient with them as well.

General and Personal Skills Required

Average Salary

Cost of Training

Recommended Level of Education

Secondary School

Professional Skills / Tools Required

Associated Disciplines