University Professor


Professors teach students at colleges and universities. They are highly educated, and while a large part of their job is teaching, most professors conduct research and publish scholarly articles or literature as well.They take on a number of courses each semester or quarter and develop a syllabus, or outline, for each course. Each professor has their own teaching style, and some teach in a lecture format, while others with smaller classes prefer to teach in a workshop or seminar format. In addition to leading class time, professors develop assignments, assist students with questions, advise students in their department, work with teaching assistants, serve on committees, and assign grades. Colleges and universities evaluate professors on their performance as an instructor, the amount and quality of research or publication theyve done, and on their participation in the school community.

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They work in Universities, Polytechnics or College of Education. They spend their time in Classroom lecturing, or in their Office/Labouratory carrying out Researches. Sometimes they travel to attend Seminars or Conferences where they network with other Professors and discuss their work (discovery)

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