Travel Agent


Travel agents arrange transportation, accommodations, and entertainment for people who are traveling for either business purposes or leisure (i.e. on vacation/holidays). So the Travel Agent would first assess the needs and desires of the Traveler before proceeding to making the necessary arrangement for the Traveler not exceeding the amount of money the Traveler intends to spend for the whole of the trip. Agents may specialize by type of travel, such as leisure or business, or by destination. Travel agents also promote travel packages on behalf of cruise lines, resorts, and specialty travel groups. This job generally requires the ability to do the following work:Book tickets for travelBook reservations for lodgingHandle deposits and payments for bookingsStay within the clients budgetReview visas, vaccinations, and other travel necessitiesResolve issues and emergenciesMaintain accurate records

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Travel Agent work in an office like Environment. Some work for Travel Companies, while others may be self employed. Travel Agent must have strong passion in learning about places, culture and meeting people.

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