Social Worker


Social workershelp people deal with issues in their lives. They may help individuals or groups of people to work through the emotional effects of traumatic events, relationship problems, illnesses, substance abuse, and other difficult situations. Social workers can work in schools, clinics, hospitals, or many other locations. There are many reasons you may be drawn to a career in social work. Some people become interested in social work because they have been helped by a social worker in the past or they have experienced hardship and would like to help others overcome similar struggles. You may be drawn to the field by a particular interest in addressing problems such as addiction, abuse, or mental illness. You may have a strong interest in working with children or with elders.

Job Prospect


Work Environment

They may work in a Hospital, or in a Church or a non profit organization (or NGO). They may be required to travel to travel to visit their Patients

General and Personal Skills Required

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Professional Skills / Tools Required

Digital Marketing

Associated Disciplines

Psychology, Social Work, Counselling