Script writers are also called Sceenplay writers. They create plots, characters, and dialogue for motion pictures. While some screenplay writers may focus on creating original stories, others may prefer to use their talents to adapt books or plays into film scripts.Like authors and playwrights, screenplay writers don't have to meet specific academic requirements to find work, but pursuing a bachelor's degree program in a related major will provide them with opportunities to learn from experienced professors and develop a writing process. Regular paychecks are not guaranteed, so new screenplay writers need to network and make connections if they want to get their work into the hands of producers and directors.

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Most Scriptwriters are self employed. Hence this profession is a good candidate for a side job. Scriptwriters usually draw inspiration for their writing in different environments and circumstances. Some prefer listening to certain type of music while writing, others may prefer going to certain places like garden, Beach etc.

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Creative Writing, Mass Communication, Film Production