Scientist as someone who gathers evidence and research systematically, makes and tests a hypothesis, and gains understanding and knowledge to share with others. Science is an enormous field, divided into the broad categories of natural and physical sciences. Just as there are many areas of study, there are many career options for those who have the education and skills necessary for a scientist.Becoming a ScientistAnyone with a curiosity about the world around us can become a scientist, at least in an amateur or informal sense. All that is required to get started is the desire for knowledge, the willingness to ask questions and the ability to investigate an idea. Famous scientists throughout history, from Galileo to Jonas Salk to Albert Einstein began their life's work by being curious and determined to seek answers.

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Depending on the branch of Science, the Work environment may be spent in the Labouratory most times or in an office or field

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Associated Disciplines

Any Science related Discipline