Physicistsstudy the ways in which matter and energy interact. The nature of time, space, matter, and the origin of the universe are topics that a theoretical physicist might investigate. These researchers spend some time working in offices, but also conduct research in laboratories. A Ph.D. is needed for most of these research jobs. Many theoretical physicists begin their careers in temporary postdoctoral research positions.

Job Prospect


Work Environment

Physicist may work as a Researched in a Company in their Research & Development Department, or a Lecturer in a University/Polytechnic/College of Education

General and Personal Skills Required

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Cost of Training

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Professional Skills / Tools Required

Associated Disciplines

Education/Physics, Applied Geophysics, Engineering Physics, Industrial Physics, Mathematics with Physics, Physics and Applied Physics, Physics Engineering, Physics/Astrology, Physics/computational modelling, Physics/computer science, Physics/electronics, Physics/Material Science, Physics with Solar Energy