Music Publisher


A music publisher works with artists in order to help them achieve market recognition, financial backing or an album deal with a record label. They deal majorly with acquiring finances for artists and copyright laws. They work in collaboration with musicians and songwriters to promote songs in various financial contexts such as the commercial use of a song, or getting the songwriter or musician signed to a record label. There is no dedicated route to becoming a music publisher as a songwriter can become one. Also music publishers can be individuals, or companies.Although having an education isnt a prerequisite to becoming a music publisher, but music publishers need a good grasp of business accounting, and music law. Those who wish to have degrees would need a bachelors degree in music and a Master of Business Administration (MBA)..(

Job Prospect


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Music Publishers continously search for promising talents in the Music industry and work with them in order to make money out of the Talent. Hence they spend time travelling in search of and attending auditions in search of young/upcoming Music Artist. When they are not searching for talent or after discovering one, they spend their time sometimes in the Studio or in their Offices helping the Artists refine & sell their talents

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Music, Marketing, Business Administration