Medical Secretary


A medical secretary is a member of staff in health care facilities like hospitals and doctors' offices who performs administrative and supportive functions. In addition to having administrative skills, medical secretaries should have knowledge of medical terminology and be familiar with various medical procedures and business practices

Job Prospect


Work Environment

Institutions like learning institutions, hospitals, private clinics, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, health insurance companies, and non-governmental agencies need medical secretaries to perform clerical and administrative support duties.A medical secretary's job is mainly office oriented. Medical secretaries often spend a good part of their workday in the front office area where there is a lot of interaction with patients and other members of the public. Work hours are mostly the standard nine to five excluding weekends, and one may opt for a part-time job. Depending on the patient and work traffic, medical secretaries sometimes work under much pressure because of their many responsibilities and tight deadlines.

General and Personal Skills Required

Average Salary

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Professional Skills / Tools Required

Associated Disciplines

Business Administration, Secretariat Studies