Mechanics are Professionals who examine, troubleshoot, restore, and maintain various types of automobiles, including personal vehicles, trucks, and heavy equipment machinery. Mechanics must be knowledgeable about the various tools, equipment, and procedures used in auto shops for troubleshooting and repairing vehicles.As a result of the advances in automotive technology, mechanics must now be familiar with the computers and software programs that are used in auto shops and vehicles. The advancements in technology help operate the electrical and mechanical parts in the latest vehicles.

Job Prospect

Very high

Work Environment

Mechanics work environment is often in a Workshop and may be physically demanding, especially when the mechanic doesnt use modern tools/technology. Sometimes mechanics may be required to work outside their Workshops in the harsh weather in fixing big vehicles like trucks that got damage in locations that are far away from place where people live

General and Personal Skills Required

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Professional Skills / Tools Required

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