Marketing and Promotions Coordinator


A promotion coordinator is someone who works to market a companys services or products. Promotion coordinators work in conjunction with advertising and sales managers, helping to generate income for their company. They are employed in a wide array of industries and perform a multitude of tasks. Promotion coordinators may also have to hire, train and organize their staffs. A promotion coordinator focuses on getting the word out about her companys latest or ongoing products and services. She puts a positive spin on what her company has to offer, highlighting its best attributes to potential advertisers and customers. They also analyzes trends and assists in setting prices, paying close attention to what the competition is doing. In some cases, promotion coordinators handle public relations tasks, writing and distributing press releases, setting up interviews of key company personnel and enhancing the companys overall image.

Job Prospect


Work Environment

Marketing and Promotions coordinator work with different category of persons inside and outside of their organization in the course of doing their work. Hence they spend good amount of time outside their normal office. The work environment is challenging and competitive, requiring professionals in this field to be very creative.

General and Personal Skills Required

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Cost of Training

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Professional Skills / Tools Required

Digital Marketing

Associated Disciplines

Marketing, Advertisement, Business Administration