Manufacturing Manager


Manufacturing Managers are responsible for coordinating the entire manufacturing activities/process in a manfuacturing company. They make sure that the raw materials, machines and even the staffs of the companies are properly utilized in other increase the revenue of the company and reduce wastages/losses. Hence the Manfuacturing manager must therefore understand some amount of Engineering, Finance, Marketing, and Logistics & supply chain management. Usually, in order to become a Manufacturing Manager, besides have the right academic qualification (HND/Bachelor/Masters/PhD), the individual must have at least two years working experience in the manufacturing industry.

Job Prospect


Work Environment

They work in an office with the aid of Computers. However they visit the manufacturing/production floor very often in order to observe the machines, raw materials, operators and other staffs of the companies

General and Personal Skills Required

Average Salary

Cost of Training

Recommended Level of Education


Professional Skills / Tools Required

Associated Disciplines

Engineering Management, Mechanical Engineering, Production Engineering, Operations Management