Maintenance and Repair Worker


Maintenance and repair workers perform repair and maintenance jobs for buildings, grounds and facilities. They maintain machines, equipment and mechanical systems, such as heating systems. Some of the duties of they carry out are: Inspecting, operating or testing equipment or machinery for diagnosis of malfunctions;Diagnosing mechanical problems and determining the best way to correct them;Assembling, installing or repairing wiring electrical and electronic components, machinery, plumbing and piping systems;Cleaning or lubricating shafts gears, bearings, and various other parts of machinery;Repairing or replacing defective damaged equipment parts by the help of power tools and hand tools and reassembling equipment;Adjusting functional parts of devices and control instruments using straightedges, levels, hand tools or plumb bobs;Performing continuous preventive maintenance to ensure the smooth running of machines;Recording the nature and cost of repair and maintenance work.

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They might spend long hours standing, lifting heavy objects and working in uncomfortable environments. They use various tools such as Hoists, Hammers, Wrenches, Drills, Saws, etc. Maintenance and Repair Workers can work for a Facility Management company who is responsible for managing Estates, Office Buildings etc. or they may work for a Manufacturing Company or a Hotel.

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