Livestock and dairy producers


A dairy farmer is someone who owns or manages a farm where cows are raised for the production of milk and other dairy products. These farmers are involved in a wide range of activities for the purpose of increasing milk production. Milk which is produced on these farms is sold commercially to regional dairy companies for pasteurization and processing. While a farmer will generally rely on a veterinarian to administer vaccinations and other medicines (when needed), minor health issues are often resolved without professional help. Many dairy farmers also choose to grow their own hay, which serves as the main food source for the cattle. By growing all the food that a herd will consume, farms become increasingly self-sufficient. As a result, both production and profit increases.

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Like with many farm works, Livestock and dairy work requires physical labour and they work in the Farm. Some of them live very close to the Farm. However with the use of technology, the level of physical labour can be reduced. Dairy farmers can enjoy the benefits of being active and being outdoors. Also, since co-workers are often members of their immediate family, a farmer can work while maintaining a strong bond with those closest to them. There are also some minor injuries that could occur from being in close proximity to the cows. Bu these injuries are often minor

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