Insurance Agent


Insurance Agents work for insurance companies and their job is to sell life, property, health, or car insurances. They offer all the products provided by the company they work for to individuals, companies, commercial businesses, or other organizations that may require their services.Being basically a Salesperson, an Insurance Agent must possess extensive knowledge of all the products and policies available in the company they work for. They are usually the people that directly interact with clients and customers. An Insurance Agent will evaluate the clients necessities and other aspects of their profile in order to offer them the product that is best suited for them.A common mistake is confusing Insurance Agents with Insurance Brokers. While the two work by selling all kinds of insurance policies to their respective clients, Insurance Agents work directly for a single insurance company, only promoting and selling their products. Insurance Brokers, on the other hand, work independently from insurance companies and may promote and sell products from different companies. The two often work closely together; Insurance Agents promote their companys products to Insurance Brokers, who then, in turn, sell them to their clients.

Job Prospect


Work Environment

Insurance Agent work most times out of their office, meeting people in their offices in order to try to sell their Product (Insurance Policy) to them. They may often be required to work after normal office hours and weekends in order to meet with their Clients/ future Clients at a time that is convenient for the Clients

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Associated Disciplines

Insurance and Risk Management, Marketing, Business Admin