Engineer, Modeling & Simulation


Modeling and simulation Engineer is a professional who tries to reproduce any real/existing object using a computer. Sometimes these professionals do not only reproduce the real object by drawing it, but by describing the behaviour of the real/live object using mathematical model. The purpose of reproducing this real/live object is to further study them in order to understand them better and determine ways of improving them. For example when car manufacturers want to test how strong their cars, they carry out crash test. But instead of physically crashing and damaging the cars, they often use mathematical model to carryout this test, thereby saving cost. Modeling and Simulation Engineers are highly needed in the Automative manufacturing industry, Aviation sector, Nuclear Industry, and also in University or Research Centres

Job Prospect

Very high

Work Environment

Engineer, Modeling & Simulation Professionals work mostly indoors in office, labouratory or workshop; and they make use of Computers a great deal. However sometimes they may wor outdoors in the course of testing a model they built

General and Personal Skills Required

Average Salary

Cost of Training

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Professional Skills / Tools Required

Associated Disciplines

Simulation Science, Computer Science, Mathematics