Editors ensure the written quality of print and online publications. Their duties might include reading manuscripts, making sure that a writer's formatting fits house style guidelines, correcting grammatical or factual errors and making suggestions for improvement. They may also be responsible for selecting articles or manuscripts for publication, assisting with design layout and overseeing other aspects of publication.Editors typically work closely with authors throughout the editing and publishing process. Although editors' jobs can be very rewarding, with seeing their work come to final publication, there are many stressors involved as well. Hours can be very long, including nights and weekends, especially when a deadline hovers. Additionally, those working as freelance editors must continually pursue more work and may need to adjust to new job environments on a regular basis.

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Editors also can work in solitude, but since they often are collaborating with writers, they also are more likely to work in an office setting.

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Journalism, communications, English, or a comparable discipline