Construction Labourer


Construction laborers work in every phase of building activity. Although laborers are unskilled workers, no building project could be completed without their work. Laborers are usually the first workers to arrive at the job site and are the last to leave the completed project. They work on the construction sites of homes and high-rise buildings, airports and highways, dams and bridges, and water and sewer projects. They perform many tasks that require great physical strength. Laborers load and unload equipment, put up and take down scaffoldings, clear work areas, and carry materials to skilled workers. Many times no formal education is required to become a Construction Labourer. It is very physical in nature and stressful

Job Prospect

Very high

Work Environment

Working as a construction worker is physically strenuous work since workers carry heavy loads and often contort their bodies to access difficult to reach areas. Many work on roofs or other elevated platforms and often work in inclement weather. ... Often, weather stops or slows down work

General and Personal Skills Required

Average Salary

Cost of Training

Recommended Level of Education

Secondary School

Professional Skills / Tools Required

Associated Disciplines

Any Discipline