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A computer programmer (according to is a skilled professional who codes, tests, debugs, and maintains the comprehensive instructions known as computer programs that devices should follow to execute their functions. After a software developer designs a computer program, the programmer writes code that converts that design into a set of instructions a computer can follow. They test the program to look for errors and then rewrite it until it is error-free. The programmer continues to evaluate programs that are in use, making updates and adjustments as needed.Computer programmers also conceptualize, design, and test logical structures to solve computer issues. Programmers make use of specific computer languages like C, C++, Java, PHP, .NET, etc. to convert the program designs developed by software developers or system architects into instructions that the computer could follow. They often refer to code libraries for simplifying their coding, and might build or make use of computer-aided software tools to automate the coding.A computer programmer is also referred to as a programmer, coder, developer, or software engineer. Also, the term is often used to refer to a stand-alone software developer, mobile applications developer, Web developer, software analyst, embedded firmware developer, and so on. Since experience is as valuable as a degree in this field, you should do internships while you are in school. Once you are working in the field, you will have to keep your skills up-to-date by learning new programming languages. Certifications in various programming languages may also be beneficial.

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Programmers spend most of their time in offices with computer terminals. They also spend more time telecommuting since new technology allows them to work from remote locations. Computer programmers usually work 40 hour weeks, and they often work weekends and evenings to resolve technical issues

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Computer Science, Informatics, Mathematics,