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If you love sports very much, but youre just happy to watch from the sidelines, inspiring others to develop and to be at their best in the course of the sporting activities, enforcing your vision onto others to help them achieve greatness if this describes you, then you are a sports coach in the making. Sports coaches live and breathe sports, and they want to lead by example, passing their wisdom onto others. They are the masterminds behind the victories.Youll need to bring energy, enthusiasm, and the will to win to every training session. You can end up working in a variety of locations, such as schools, universities, leisure centres, health clubs, holiday camps or sport clubs. Depending on the sport, youre likely to be working outside for much of your time on the job, in all weather conditions. Of course, your work will vary depending on the level, age and the sports you coach. Although experience playing high-level soccer is not absolutely essential for a coaching career, it's a big help for two main reasons: first, playing collegiate or professional soccer teaches you about the game. It can be difficult to comprehend the strategic, tactical and athletic challenges of the game if you haven't played it at an advanced level. Second, high-level play is a great networking opportunity for future coaches.

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Coaches work in professional sports, college sports, and secondary school sports. Some coaches work individually with promising students at camps, clubs, and clinics designed specifically for teaching. Most coaches work in middle schools and high schools as part-time and full-time faculty members

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