Athletic Director


An athletic director, or AD (according to is the face of his or her school's athletic department. ADs must be involved in the hiring and overseeing of coaches and the management of the department's financial and physical resources. The athletic director also is required to work with other college and university officials to ensure that an institution's academic standards are maintained. Additionally, an athletic director must be a clear and effective communicator to manage employees within his or her department and to articulate the goals of the athletic department to potential donors.

Job Prospect


Work Environment

Most of the time, athletic directors work within an office at the school or university. They spend part of the time in the office, and part of the time wandering to the various sports venues within the schools campus. They split their time between administrative and field work, so their environment changes from day to day.There may be some travel involved since athletic directors must be present at the sporting events. This means long hours, evenings, and weekends depending on the nature of the athletics program. Since this is often the highest position an individual may strive for in this field, it is often expected they will be on call or at least available if any issues arise with the teams or athletics program.

General and Personal Skills Required

Average Salary

Cost of Training

Recommended Level of Education


Professional Skills / Tools Required

Studies in sports science, nutrition and fitness, ability to analyse problems, first aid skills, perseverance and patience

Associated Disciplines

sports administration