Assistant Coach


An assistant coach (according to at the college level helps the head coach in many areas of team management. Depending on a school or team's ranking, the level of education and prior experience needed to become an Assistant is subjective, although most universities require at least a bachelor's degree. The duties of an assistant coach range from directly coaching a team to scouting opponents, scheduling home and away visits and recruiting athletes. Assistant coaches might record game statistics, recruit players from high schools and junior colleges, help conduct team workouts and professionally represent the college. The assistant coach needs a thorough understanding of NCAA rules and regulations. He or she might need to coach players on either offense or defense, so an understanding of strategies for both is important

Job Prospect


Work Environment

Generally, the head coach will conduct the day-to-day practices and team coaching, while the assistant coach will deal with team business and long-term goals. Like the Coach most of the activities carried out by Assistant coach are done in an outdoor environment, this also involves traveling to scout for opponents for his team to compete against and also for new Atheltes to recruit into his team

General and Personal Skills Required

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Professional Skills / Tools Required

Athletics, Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Orthopaedics, Good Evaluation Skills, Excellent Communication Skills

Associated Disciplines

physical education, sports science, sports medicine or kinesiology