Aerospace Project Engineer


The describes Aerospace Engineers as professionals who design aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and other airborne objects. Creating prototypes of these designs and testing them is also a primary part of the job. They may also evaluate the designs of other engineers to ensure that the idea meets certain ethical, safety, and environmental standards. It is not unusual for Aerospace Engineers to oversee the building process as well, ensuring that proper deadlines are met. There are two categories that fall under aerospace project engineering. The first is aerospace engineering, which deals with aircrafts that are meant to fly within earths atmosphere, while the second is astronautical engineers who deal with aircrafts that are used to travel in space

Job Prospect


Work Environment

Aerospace Project Engineers work mainly in an office setting and makes use of Computers in the course of their work. Sometimes they work in the workshop or labouratory to carryout test/simulations/troubleshooting of an engineering problem

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Associated Disciplines

avionics, aeronautical engineering, air transport engineering