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Deciding or switching career is not easy, you need lots of information

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As societies and industries transform, academic programmes are offered.

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If you don’t share your ideas, you never can tell who might be interested in working on it…

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It takes several years of training, experience and expenses to become a sound Professional

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Academic Curriculum for many programmes do not change as fast as the skills required by Industries, complementary programmes…

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Ideas don’t come out fully formed, they only become clear as you work on them

Academic Programmes

The decision on what programme to study and where to study can be daunting. Time, Money and Effort is at stake. We are committed to guiding you in making this decision effectively

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Obtain detailed information on Master and PhD Programmes from different Schools in different Countries in the world


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Obtain detailed information on Undergraduate (i.e. Bachelor, Diploma, Teachers College Certificate etc.) Programmes from different Schools in different…


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Obtain the detailed information on Short courses with/without Certificates upon completion. Some of these courses are prerequisite for…


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We strive to eliminate the gap between Industry and Academia; and provide 100% Users satisfaction to 6 Categories of Users:

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Career Path Diagnostics

The Career path diagnostic functionality on our platform will guide Student Users in determining most suitable Professions based on their abilities and personality

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We have over 200+ Mentors on the platform Students & Fresh graduates can receive Mentorship from more than five Mentors in the same professional field at a time

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Entry level jobs/Scholarships/Internships

We make sure that that Students and Fresh Graduates don’t miss out on any opportunities they are qualified for in their country and abroad.

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Information on all academic programmes

Information on very exciting academic programmes offered in different Tertiary institutions in different countries are presented in our platform in an interesting manner in order to guide Users in making informed career decisions on where and what to study

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For entry positions, Students especially in Africa often think that Academic qualifications and the grade (i.e. first class or second Class honours, upper division) are often considered by Employers as the major factor in deciding which Candidates would be hired. While academic degrees are always included in almost every job advertisement, however the reality is…

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